Machine Learning Jumpstart

Fusion’s Machine Learning Jumpstart is a four-step process that allows you to explore the capabilities of machine learning and quickly gain answers to a key business question.

Step 1: Identify a use case; Step 2: Process Data; Step 3: Develop the model; Step 4: Integrate Insights

What you can expect

Use case identification: We'll partner with you and your key stakeholders to identify a use case that is high value, deliverable in the short term, and a good fit for machine learning

Data processing: We’ll partner with your data and application teams to source relevant data to execute your use case

Machine learning model development: We’ll build a machine learning model that can be reused for other use cases

Model insights integration: We’ll load our predictions into your desired business platform so you can realize the value of machine learning immediately

What you'll get

Actionable predictions from your data sourced from the machine learning model

A machine learning model your team can optimize or select another use case to execute

A deeper understanding of use cases that are applicable for machine learning and which use cases may be better served by traditional analytics and/or BI

An understanding of the machine learning process and a baseline to develop an advanced analytics Center of Excellence inside your bank

Interested in learning more?

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